Wide Asleep In America – Have We Become A Nation Of Boiling Frogs Or Simply “We The Sheeple”?


Hitler was many things to many people. An evil nightmare to most, yet a savior to those looking for economic hope in a demoralized and nearly bankrupt 1933 Germany. One thing he was not, was stupid. He was also a great orator and public manipulator. He knew how to plant seeds of fear, doubt, and rage inside the minds of German citizens, and how to cultivate and nurture their emotions. Within only a few years, he guided them down a path paved with lies and deception and then forever cemented their loyalty with a staged attack upon the most cherished symbol of German pride and heritage – the Reichstag which burned to the ground. And thus, the overwhelming fear and anger that resulted launched one of the most evil empires in modern history – The Nazis. Blinded by false patriotism Germany became a nation of boiling frogs, or if you prefer dumb, trusting sheep who followed their shepherd anywhere. (it is now conceded amongst most all historians that the great fire that lit the fuse to WWII was in fact a prearranged scheme of Hitler’s inner circle and they were all delighted with the results.)

In 1961,  the CIA failed in staging the internal overthrow of Fidel Castro in the infamous “Bay of Pigs” fiasco. If the blunder was successful the world would be told that the removal of Castro was an internal revolution.  On August 4, 1964 another false attack was reported on an American destroyer off the coast of Vietnam (USS Maddox). The incident was known as the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident  and fueled American anger to the point they would support President Johnson in the unjustifiable Vietnam War that claimed the lives of 50,000 American soldiers and over 2 million Vietnamese civilians. See this link: http://911review.com/precedent/century/tonkin.html


On September 11, 2001 an almost identical event took place in New York City. Within hours it was being trumpeted by the White House as a “terrorist attack” and George Bush took less than 12 hours to falsely put the blame squarely upon the shoulders of America’s former ally – Saddam Hussein. But people were not buying the Saddam story ( for many good and logical reasons, the least of which being no incriminating evidence or even a single credible link). So the blame quickly shifted to yet another former American ally and CIA operative – Osama Bin Laden. (Osama was hired, trained and armed by the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan). This time the spin was much improved and mainstream media cooperated without question – even announcing that WTC building 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did. (See this eye-opening link http://rememberbuilding7.org/)


Once again, a very clever scheme was used to unite a nation behind a group of evil tyrants using fear to fuel the public outrage. The ruse worked better than planned and again, the schemers were delighted. BTW… to this very day, the FBI refuses to confirm that any evidence from 911 can be linked to Bin Laden, nor who ordered the Bin Laden family to be flown out of America immediately after the “attack”. They have also refused to release the video film of twenty-nine cameras surrounding the Pentagon that might show what really happened there. And amazingly, not one black box from any of the three 911 aircraft have been recovered and the Pennsylvania crash site of flight 93 is still fenced off from independent investigators where not a single piece of aircraft wreckage debris was found. Hmmm… http://911conspiracy.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/black-boxes-found-at-wtc-update/


Ten years ago most anyone in America would scoff at such an evil conspiracy. After all, to believe 911 was an inside job would be nothing less than pre-meditated mass murder. It was. Today, most intelligent people, or even high school graduates who watched either the “Zeitgeist” or “Loose Change” documentaries can smell the coffee of the 911 reality. But once again, a nation of boiling frogs has almost no reaction, and once again citizens too preoccupied with paying their credit card bills and student loans allows evil shepherds to lead us down another equally dark path of tyranny – not much unlike the one that led Germany to their imminent collapse. And people like me who write articles like this will quickly and conveniently be labeled as an “unpatriotic dissident”, and government censors will be dispatched to block or delete my links, and I will be discredited with some phony criminal charges – just as they did three times before when I attempted to expose other government crimes from 1984-1999. (I was once a federal agent myself and trained well how to intimidate fellow citizens. I was also trained how to investigate crimes).


But enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU – and your children. Pope John Paul once said “The greatest sin is often indifference”. America pretends to be a nation of Christians yet we allow our government to commit war crimes in Iraq (Over 300 children killed with U.S. chemical weapons in Fallujah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9fvR9l7ITE), maintain secret prisons around the world, operate secret courts on our own American soil, and spy on any citizen, anywhere without probable cause nor a court order. What world do you really think our children will inherit from us when we pass on? By doing nothing we are helping to enslave our own children my friends. We have abandoned the American dream and allowed the elite banksters and war criminals to take the wheel of a bus of which we cannot get off. We are not even allowed to know the destination of this bus, yet it is not to hard to guess.

When The neo-cons seized control of Washington through the Supreme Court appointment of President George W. Bush,  it was by devious design as we can trace to the mindset of Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Georg Bush, and Richard Cheney who basically said “a new Pearl Harbor” could allow them to achieve their political goals Details and documentation can be read here: http://www.ifamericansknew.org/us_ints/nc-pilger.html

 Without any doubt there is a move underway to create “A New World Order” with just one government, one bank, and one dynasty comprised of the world’s elite. George H. Bush even mentioned it once during a speech (See this video archive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc7i0wCFf8g ) It may take another century for the schemers and their heirs to realize their dream but 911 put their plan on steroids. It gave birth to “The Patriot Act” and put a knife in the back of the U.S. Constitution and YOUR CHILDREN will grow up with less civil, human, and equal rights as your grandfather and you. They will have less opportunity to become an entrepreneur, and inventor, or even a scientist. In 1949 George Orwell wrote his classic “1984”. If you have not yet read, you should do so now. 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Edward Snowden are not disconnected coincidences. When a soldier goes to prison for 35 years for reporting war crimes and those who committed the war crimes walk free in America, it is time to say “The Water Is Boiling!” (see Bradley Manning story here) http://deadwildroses.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/bradley-manning-a-lesson-in-ethics/


Fear, doubt, and ignorance has allowed the wrong people to seize control of America. They have exploited our emotions in order to hijack our government that nurtures their own hidden agendas which are getting more difficult to hide. Technology suppression is keeping us falsely addicted to oil when green Thorium has been available for over two decades in huge abundance. More wars are being planned to seize control of oil-rich Central Asia (Kazakhstan is the prize), and the CIA and NSA are plotting to foment civil unrest and/or economic collapse of China and Russia, the only real obstacles remaining in the road for the American bus drivers. They will not be denied their New World Order – unless “We The People” say otherwise.


Friends, Thomas Jefferson once said “Dissent is both the right and duty of every American patriot.” The longer we wait to act the more difficult it will be to restore sanity and integrity to our nation. Only fifty years ago, our nation was admired and respected around the world. Thanks to The Iraq atrocities, Gutanamo Bay, and the heroic disclosures of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden, we are now despised, mistrusted, and held in contempt by even our once most loyal allies.

Money talks loudest in America and now even the Supreme Court lost their moral compass when they ruled that unlimited anonymous campaign contributions can be made which basically allows the Presidency and Senate seats to be sold to the highest private interests bidders. And just look at the inside organized crime story of J.P. Morgan Chase! http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/nobody-should-shed-a-tear-for-jp-morgan-chase-20131025 When the SEC and Federal Judges obstruct justice more than they enforce it, the time for reform is long past. It is time for citizens to revolt and take corrective measures. Just look at what this SEC whistle blower has to say: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/is-the-sec-covering-up-wall-street-crimes-20110817


I appeal to my fellow frogs and sheeple to reclaim your spines and disconnect from mainstream media (now controlled by less than 100 multi-millionaire “Executive Editors” and “Executive Producers” in America) and start reading. Protect and guard the internet from the planned censorship that is coming (CISPA and other secret legislation). Substitute Intelligence for fear and use your own brain to see the writing on the proverbial wall. It is not too late to jail the banksters and vote out the corrupt puppets. We still have brains, votes, and guns and frankly, we may have to use all three to rid ourselves of “public servants” who insist on being our masters. Remember, they took an oath to serve our will, not to decide it for us. We pay their salaries and empower them to earn millions in bribes. The FBI has become their censors, the CIA their hitmen, and the federal courts are assigned to lock-away the “troublemakers” – people like me who dare to warn others about the boiling water.  President Jimmy Carter himself admitted “We no longer live in a democracy.”


 The erosion of our constitutional rights has been a long, slow, and deliberate process that was greatly accelerated by 911 which gave birth to The Patriot Act – a law that really is anything but “patriotic”. Here is the historical timeline summarized for you https://www.eff.org/nsa-spying/timeline. And for those who want the hard evidence that this was actually part of an organized scheme, this law suit spells it all out for you in great detail: https://www.eff.org/document/summary-evidence . Again I say, start reading. Read what you ask? Here’s a reading list I highly recommend for every red-blooded American…

Immaculate Deception By: General Russell Bowen

Crimes of Patriots By: Johnathan Kwitney

The Federal Reserve Bank Fraud By: H.S. Kenan

A Time For Outrage By: Stephane Hessel

The Big White Lie By: Mike Levine

Drugging America By: Rodney Stich

Crossing The Rubicon By: Michael Ruppert

The Hamilton Papers By: President Andrew Hamilton

The Tatum Chronicles By: Eugene “Chip” Tatum

911 By: Mike Rupert

And if you are too lazy to read, at least go on line and get a dose of reality by watching these three documentaries…




The 99% movement had the right idea but the wrong methodology. Although they succeeded in bringing the income disparity problem into public focus, they had no real leverage and posed no real threat to the political puppetmasters of America and the elite remain firmly in control. Anonymous has good intentions but no strategic plan nor public support. The only real way to compel any change in America at this point is either by economic or armed revolution. Since we are all averse to violence, we should consider that a last resort. In the interim, imagine how quickly “We The People” can regain control of Congress if we stop paying them, and vote ALL of them out of office? Suppose American families voiced their protest and stopped paying taxes for a year or two? (Did you know there is no law that mandates the payment of federal income taxes?)  Would they put 80 million parents in jail? Who would look after all the little ones? The nation’s jails are only designed to hold 9 million people. Would they really want to lose all that income, or would they compromise and share the wealth?  Remember there are 1% that control 99% of the wealth, but we still have 99% of the votes.  How and if we use them, determines the destiny and fate of both our nation and our children.

bankster_meme_money_doesnt_grow_on_trees_fiat_curency_debt_central banks_IMF_BIS_World_Bank

Imagine too that we take our money out of banks and start paying bills with postal money orders? How about all of us disputing our credit card bills and asking for itemizations and explanations of all that fine print that allows them to charge 18%-21% interest rates? Or we could gently start sending messages and stop using Microsoft, Verizon, or products of other companies who caved without even a whimper, much less a legal challenge of NSA’s demands for private records? What if we direct and petition our Congressmen to draft legislation to make the FBI Director, U.S. Attorney and federal judges independent elected officials instead of political appointees? Why should their allegiance be political in nature anyway? Unusual problems require unusual solutions. Imagine 20 million truthers moving to Arizona or Ohio where they use their votes to establish their own state government as a model to show other citizens what can be done peacefully with votes?

What is the alternative friends? Armed revolution would be a bloody mess followed by years of turmoil and power struggles. To do nothing allows the current corruption to grow like a fungus until it suffocates every last shred of freedom. You still have a choice – but not for long. Edward Snowden told us why. Thomas Jefferson gave us the legal map to follow many years ago. It is call the U.S. Constitution. If we follow that map, we can rediscover and reclaim the American dream.


It all must begin by educating ourselves and being brave enough to ask questions. For example, Why is the Federal Reserve Bank privately owned and why must our government borrow money from it instead of printing our own currency like other nations? What 13 families prosper from the Federal Reserve Bank? Why must the Supreme Court seal notes taken at Vice President Cheney’s secret meeting with Enron, and why was Wall Street FBI informant Al Chalem really murdered in 1999 and by who? What happened to the crooked FBI agent (Terry Nelson) who was arrested by the RCMP smuggling tons of cocaine and heroin in Canada in 1997, and why are all those who reported him still be persecuted and harassed (Chip Tatutm, Rodney Stich, and Erling Ingvaldsen for example). See this link for background: Why was he allowed to continue smuggling the most drugs in Canadian/American history for another 10 years (not a sanctioned operation – but a personal joint venture) to the tune of over $100 million? http://www.slideshare.net/CristoPanevino/gene-tatum-fbi-terry-nelson-and-montana-drugs What stocks and properties were bought with that money? Why must I write this article from the safety of China? Why did the DoJ allow American Financial Group of Aventura, Florida to rip-off Canadian investors for $43 million when they knew Noriega’s money was behind this company in a JV with former American officials? Why cannot I be home in Canada with my wife and children, and who threatened to kill them, and who shot up our home and car?


As you can see from the above, freedom is never truly free. Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Jeff Englehart, and Edward Snowden are true patriots who sacrificed their freedom for us. All solutions begin with the truth. When we sort fact from fiction our choices become easier. Remember this war crime captured in this video was bought and paid for with YOUR tax dollars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0I6S8mva-s Ditto for the Fallujah massacre. These American war criminals still walk free today while Bradley Manning serves 35 years for bringing these most heinous and despicable acts of barbarism to our attention. Just because we live in a corrupt world today, does not mean we must give up hope and let our children deal with the consequences of our apathy and indifference. I love my children – do you? If so, how much?

Shouldn’t it be George Bush behind bars instead of Bradley Manning?

We all know now that Bush W. rushed our troops into Iraq based on fabricated lies of invisible “WMDs” and the infamous “imminent threat” that wasn’t.  Why?  It all comes down to money friends. Wars are profitable for government contractors – like Halliburton (Cheney’s baby) which earned a $39 Billion dollar profit from the illegal invasion http://www.zcommunications.org/cheneys-halliburton-made-39-5-billion-on-iraq-war-by-angelo-young.html  Over 600,000 people, including more than 400,000 civilians and 8,000 children died so a few hundred elite insiders could profit. Is this not yet another war crime?

The below photo is one of the messages sent to my family after I tried exposing the government crimes behind the crimes of American Financial Group, the Al Chalem Murder, and the Enron connection. This is our kitchen window. The following weekend they shot up our family car and I was told my family and I would be next if I ever came back to North America. I tried to write a book about what I did, what I saw, and what I reported only to have my manuscripts seized at gunpoint by federal agents without a warrant. Witnesses present were threatened with deportation if they tried to help me in any way. After phony charges were filed and dismissed against me by an honest federal judge, I was reindicted and labeled a “fugitive”. Those I accused of murder, rape, drug smuggling, and money laundering walk free and live a good life. My own lawyer traveled to Panama to be bought off and turns out to have an arrest record of his own and was also a federal agent who was forced to resign after shooting an unarmed teen in Canada. Of course he did not tell me these things until I after I paid him. I have not hugged my kids nor wife in three years. Free country?  I think not.


Listen to what President John F. Kennedy had to tell the American People in 1963 here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utYcFf93Srs and then again ask yourself how much do you love your children?  BTW… When Senator Obama was running for election to the Presidency, he pledged that if he was elected he would close Guantanamo Bay in six months.  It is still open and here is why… http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=danostamper714&view=videos

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